My everyday Makeup Products! (UPDATED)

Hello cuties! You are here because most likely you voted for this post! Thank you for voting and I hope you enjoy this post. I won't be really reviewing the products I use because I obviously love them a lot to be using it everyday! I'll just give you some pros about the product and link to it if available! 

Let's start!

I don't use ONE color everyday, I change it up depending on my mood but it will always either be a nude or pinky shade! I probably use Velvet Teddy by MAC the most, but I also use the other ones often too.

For highlighter I use both BECCA and KVD eyeshadow in Thunderstruck.

I use becca as a base high light because it gives me a very natural glow.

but I also add thunderstruck on the HIGHEST part of my cheeks. I use this on my brows, inner corners, and nose as well.

For primer I have the Hourglass Veil Mineral primer and my foundation is the Born This Way by Too Faced!

My favorite eyeliner of all time, a definite repurchase for as long as they have it available. My Sailor Moon eyeliner. No links, bought on ebay.

For my eyes, I use bhcosmetics 120 eyeshadow palette 3rd edition. On my eyebrows I use Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip brow Promade.

For Mascara I use the Better Than Sex by Too Faced! 

For my eyeshadow primer, I use the Urban Decay primer potion with a golden tint, not too sure if these are being sold anymore because I can't find it!

Lastly for my cheeks, I use a no name blush from I do not have a link because I don't know the name of this blush! I do have a coupon code that you can use on their store though!! You can use ricehimeh10 or tohikoh10 for 10% off :D

That's it for my everyday products! I sometimes change up the routine depending on whatever I am feeling but these are MOSTLY everything I use. I shall do a updated one in the near future! (:

Thank you so much for reading, have a wonderful day!
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Japan Crate: Doki Doki

Hello cuties! Today's post will be all about this adorable subscription plan called Doki Doki created by Japan Crate, which is also a subscription plan but unlike Doki Doki, it is all JAPANESE SNACKS. 

Doki Doki Crate is a monthly  subscription plan that supplies everything you'll ever want every single month!! Inside, you will find 8-10 items ranging from plushes, squishies, collectible keychains, figures, accessories, apparel, decor, and even more! 

Japan Crate: Starts at $12/month with free 2-day shipping in the United States.
Doki Doki: $30 a month

That's not all!! They also just started Suteki Crates! Suteki Crates are giant crates featuring the best of everything cute.  Each month one lucky Doki Doki subscriber will win a giant crate full of the best and most kawaii items they can find! How amazing is that? I wish I can win one of those boxes tbh!

I got the Doki Doki box of January! This is what the box looks like! It is a very hot pink crate with Doki Doki's logo! (edited brighter)

With every box, it comes with a pamphlet for the month you subscribe to! Each pamphlet has different art printed, which I thought was pretty darn cute! 

Inside you will receive information about each item you got in the box!

At the end you will see what you'll get if you win the Suteki Crate!! Ugh I want them. Haha also you'll see pictures of customers with their Doki Doki crate! Remember to #dokidokicrate if you got one!!

The first item that caught my eye was this adorable pink Alpacaso Plush! It's soooo soft and cute! You can hang this on your wall or add it to your key chains! I personally put it on my shelf with all my other plushes! 

The second plush I receive is this really funny but cute pikachu's butt charm! At first I thought it was his entire body but as I turned it over, it had no face. I looked at the tag and realized it's just his butt! How creative and adorable is that! 

My favorite item out over everything is this chibi Sailor Moon figure! I've always wanted to start collecting firgurines but I just never got to it, but now that I have this. I think I'm going to going crazy with it. I love it so much and one day I will have all of the Sailors! 

The third charm is this weird but kinda cute look key chain charm. I don't really know what it is tbh... but it looks like a droplet. On the pamphlet. it states that this little fella is called the Hoppe Chain that is typically found in convenience stores! You can hang this on your backpack!

Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma note pads!

Hello Kitty Wallet, with a lot of space for your cards and cash!

Second to last, you will be getting this adorable elephant fan with it's own little mini self charm!

Last but not least, these cool pair of socks! Which I think is a squid? I actually really love that their knee high! 

That's all I got in the crate for the month of January! If you want to know more about Doki Doki I recommend checking out their site! I really really enjoyed this subscription plan out of all the ones I've seen before because they were big items and not only that, there are things you can use on a daily basis too! 

 I hope you enjoyed! Thank you so much for reading today's post! 

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Shoe Collection Part 1: Platforms

Hello cuties! Since I have been getting a lot of requests to do a shoe collection post, I decided it is time! I'm planning to blog more so if you have any ideas on what you'd like me to post about next, make sure to leave it in the comment below or on my!

 Today's post will be specifically on platforms because I have a lot of shoes and I feel like if I were to do the entire thing this post will be endless. Therefore I have split it into categories of different types of shoes! Let's get started.

YRU Qozmo Hi in White

I wore this out a couple times! These are probably the most comfortable platforms I have to date! They're just like regular sneakers except it has a very high platform. I got this in white because my friend was going to get them in black and we decided we wanted to match but in different colors! I don't recommend you getting white if you know you dirty your shoes very easily. Mine is pretty dirty already but it isn't bad. You can easily clean them since they are pleather.

Ballet Bae in White

Second pair is the Ballet Bae from Dollskill in white! I adore these so so much! They are so dreamy! I love the lace up silk this pair has! These are actually really comfortable to walk in! I wore this with my mermaid outfit on Halloween! I wear platforms often but not on a daily and these were perfectly fine for me! Some of you asked me if these get dirty easily and if they do how you'd clean them, and honestly they're really easy to clean because they are also leather, you just have to use a tiny bit of water and rub the dirt off, but also dry them as quickly as possible! 

YRU NightCall in Black

This is the Nighcall Platforms that I got from YRU, I actually got this with my friend again so we can match! I am in love with the style of these! These aren't really that comfortable to wear for hours but they are very very cute if you have an event for just an hour or two! They do start to hurt after awhile. I found a platform without arch just like these and I'm planning to get them soon too just so I can wear it out everyday! If you wear platforms like this on a daily basis then yes get them because they are just so perfect!

UNIF Era Boots in Black

This is the Era boots from unif clothing! Sadly they are sold out right now, not sure if they will be sold again but you can check their website again in a month or so! These are my favorite pair of platforms, I wear this everywhere. I wear this to work as well, they are very very comfortable! They are pretty heavy if you're not use to it but I love it. 

Black boots from

These boots are from LAMODA and I bought this back in 2013-14 when I was in DK. I don't think they sell them anymore because I can't find them on their website! I wore these to school, I wore it to the grocery stores, and I even wore it to the airport. They're not the MOST comfortable pair of boots but I am so use to them. I think they really jazz up a dark plain outfit. The ankle is a but loose on me but then again I have really small ankles so that's my fault.This has a very high arch so I don't recommend these for your first pair of platforms.

Black Mary Jane from Forever 21

This is no longer sold at Forever 21 but I know there is a similar pair being sold right now (I work there). I got this 2 years ago! The reason why I got this was because I wanted one from another brand that I can't remember the name of right at this moment. It was sold out everywhere so I got these as a dupe instead! I think these were only $35 and the ones I wanted originally is $200 something. These are super cute in my opinion. Pretty casual but a really cute casual. They're not that comfortable but beauty is pain. Lol jk but yes I can only wear it for 2-3 hours at most.

These are from shein!

Last pair I will be showing you today is my shortest pair of platforms, these are from shein but they no longer sell them. I did a review on them on my blog but I deleted it. (starting new) These are very comfortable for an everyday wear. I wore this for hours and I was okay. They're very flat with just a slight arch. I got this in the size 38, it was a tiny bit loose but it's better to wear it loose anyways! 

As you can see I have a lot of black shoes...when I post the other part of my collection you'll see..even more. Haha anyways, thank you so much for reading today! Hopefully this amused you in some way! I am planning on buy another pair of platforms soon but this time it's PINK. I will do a separate review on this pair in the future. Can you guess which pair I want? Here's a hint, it's from DOLLSKILL. 

ANYWAYS Have a lovely day! 

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