Last Minute Gift Ideas!

Hey everyone!! Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Can you believe it. As cliche as it sounds, this year has gone by so fast for me! Hopefully next year will fly by just as fast! 

Today's post will be about last minute gift ideas! If you're like me, this might help you out a little bit! I tend to wait till last minute to go shopping for others because every time I hit that mall, I end up buying stuff for myself instead! It's terrible!

A lot of people tend to lean towards gifting clothes and I think it's really hard to choose something nice in that category. You may think you know their style until you actually go shopping for it! I know there are a lot of videos and posts out there just like this one but I thought I'd take my spin on it! Hopefully this will help you in some kind of way! Let's get started!

If you don't know what to get your mum, grandmas, aunts, or even friends! I think it's a safe bet you can always get them something for those pampering days! Lotion, creams, moisturizer, bath bombs, etc. Everyone needs a day to relax, so why not help them out with that! 

This is something I think your friend or siblings would really enjoy! This is a Instax Fuji Films Polaroid camera! Mine is in pink twin stars edition! This is a very unisex gift, because it comes in multiple colors. From what I've seen; there are black, white, yellow, purple, pink, and red! The pink one comes in plain pink as well! Polaroids are super fun to carry around when you're travel to take pictures and have it instantly develop right then and there for you to keep forever!! 

I think phone cases or accessories are something really cute and fun to add to a bundle or even just a small gift to a friend! Cases are honestly so important to keep you phone safe and unharmed! Everyone should be using one, unless you are CONFIDENT and careful. I'm not...I need huge cases to protect my phone! You can get really really cute cases any where in stores! I know forever 21 has some adorable ones! 

Lastly, bags and backpacks are things I think everyone carry on a daily. Depending on what type that person you're gifting. If you know they're always on the run and likes to carry a lot of things around. This is a really cool gift to get them! It can be any kind of bag! Laptop bag, camera bag, hand bag, back pack, etc. 

& for all my non pastel followers, here are some neutral items you can get for your friends and family!

I think plants/flowers are super duper sweet to be getting someone! I love love nature so if you were to give me plants I'd love you forever! But get me fake much as I love nature I am too busy to take care of them, so they'd just die on me. If you know someone like me, fake plants are super nice as well for them plant lovers! Anyways, the people you're gifting are probably people you cherish and really care for, you can honestly get them anything and it would still mean a lot to them. If they don't, then you're gifting the wrong people! Christmas to me is not just about gifts! It's a holiday where I really really look forward to, because everyone's happy. The smell, the lights, the food. 

This is the end to my posts! I hope it has helped you get some ideas for your last minute gifts! Let me know down below, if you want more posts like this! I'm planning to change my blog up a little bit! Anyways, happy holidays everyone! Stay safe! 

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  1. Thanks for these amazing gift ideas *O* I love the backpack that resembles baymax!
    Jessie @ bijou-heart