Review: Etude House Princess Etoinette

Hello everyone, today I am back with a really really photo heavy review for Etude House, Princess Etoinette Highlighter and Lipstick. I am so so in love with these products! Let's just begin.

Let's start with the incredibly amazing packaging of this collection. I can't say more than just how much I absolutely adore and love everything about it. It honestly does feel like owning princess makeup. Everything about it, from the carvings on the top, to the logo at the front, it's just so perfect. There isn't anything I hate about it. The packaging to this collection has got to be the best I've ever seen. I honestly wish they made more products with this design. 

This collection also comes with a blusher but I didn't get it. I might though, because I just LOVE this collection. I really want to get everything they have. 

I got the high lighter. I tried to take photos of the effect of it, but sadly the glitter was so fine and the lighting was too bright to catch it on camera. It's really nice. I think it gives you a really nice glow. I do have to say, I don't recommend using the puff. I prefer the brush to add this high lighter because you can add it to where you exactly want to lift.

I really really love how the high lighter is shaped as hearts. Honestly, just owning this thing makes me feel like a real princess. The container is pretty thick and it feels very sturdy, but even as is; handle it with care like it's your child. Okay. It's too beautiful to be dropped.

The second item I got from the collection is their lipstick in the shade #PBE102. I think the color is really really pretty. I don't have many pink lipsticks so I thought this would be nice to try out. 

The pigment is very sheer but it is very buildable as you can see. You can wear it as a lipstint or all over your lips and I think it would still look nice.

As for price, I think for the amazing packaging and design it's pretty decent. It's not too expensive.

The high lighter retails for $27.72, I think on ebay it's about $80 because it's very rare and hard to find now. The lipstick retails for $15.60. It's almost as much as a MAC lipstick but I honestly would pay the price of a MAC if the packaging is this cute.


I do believe Etude House has just came out with another series from this collection called Crystal?
I want this collection too, to be honest. The packaging is just so vintage and luxurious.

That's it for my review though! I hope you enjoyed the review, if not enjoy the pictures! Hahaha 
Thank you so much for reading! Have a wonderful day and happy shopping!

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  1. You take so beautiful photos! I love etude house and theire packaging so mush, it is so beautiful! Thank you for much a lovely review as always♡

  2. I always wanted to try out Etude House's products and after seeing your review I should really give it a try >3< The packaging is really to die for!

    Have a lovely day dear ♥

  3. They look absolutely beautiful! I would love to buy these but I don't have the money for this set right now. My time to be a princess will come someday~ <3
    Thanks for the awesome review, have a nice day~
    Minae ♥ MinaekeiLatest Blog Post!

  4. They look so gorgeous, I love love love the packaging to ^_^ Wish they had this cute make-up outside Japan. I Never tried Etude House before but it looks so nice.

    ❤ Sann |