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Hello everyone! I am a little late on reviews lately and I do incredibly apologize. I just haven't been doing well. I'm also a lot more busy now that I have to work almost every single day. There's a lot going on this month and I just can't seen to handle it all that well. Please understand and give me some time! 

For today I would like to give a short review on these two products I got from Too Faced! I am so excited to do this! Let's get started.

First off, let's start with the packaging of these products. I love how sleek and simple they are. Incredibly adore the shade of pink the mascara is in. I think these were very very nicely designed.

One of the thing I really like about this foundation is the pump! Why you ask, because to me a pump is just easier to use the product. It's also less messy than, for example some of the MAC foundations with just a wide opening. I think it's pretty unhygienic. I also really enjoy the gold detail on this bottle. It feels very princess like.

I have to say, I am in love with this foundation. It makes my face look so flawlessly photoshopped. It has a medium to high coverage. For me it's very high coverage because I don't have any acne. My face, on a normal basis is very smooth and has a hint of oil. I feel because of that, it has this very dewy high coverage finish. If you do have acne and some dry spots, I recommend cleansing and moisturizing your face before you apply the foundation. For dark spots or acne scars, conceal the areas before as well. 

TIP: When purchasing foundation, if you contour, I also recommend getting a shade lighter than your natural color! To find your shade, simply swatch a bit on the side of your face closest to your neck to match the color. 

I think this is the holy grail for awhile. I use it almost everyday for a full face foundation. Definitely, definitely recommend you getting this foundation. 

I really really love the color of the mascara. For some reason I feel like it just goes really well with the packaging of the Born this way foundation! The mascara looks very sleek and has a very clean classic look. 

At first I didn't really plan on getting this mascara. I actually was debating on the new MAC Upward Lash Mascara, but then since everyone has been raving about this one, I thought why not. The reason why I didn't really lean towards this one was because of the bristle. I personally like the wand on the Upward lash mascara. When I first tried it, it didn't give me any spark. I was like....this isn't doing anything, but when I tried again when the first coat dried. It lengthen my lashes a lot. It didn't make my lashes look like spider legs which I really hate. It gave me really long and full looking lashes. No, I am not paid to say this. I just really think this mascara is awesome. Definitely will repurchase.

That's it for my review! I hope this short review gave you a bit something to go out and check out these products! I really really do love and enjoy them. I think you will too! (: 

Thank you so much for reading! Have a wonderful day and happy shopping!

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