What's in my purse?!

Hello cuties! The other day I asked you guys on my tumblr whether you would like to know what I carry in my purse! I have finally made time to take some pictures and post it! I hope you like it!

This is what my purse look like, I believe my aunt gave me this purse as a Christmas present from Sanrio. I do not know the price or whether it is still on sale since it was from 5 years ago! I'm so sorry! The purse has two compartments! One main pocket and another pocket on the outside! It's a little dirty on the front, as you can see, because I accidentally left it on the floor :c 

Here are the things I have in my bag! I don't carry much as you can see! I don't like to carry much when I go out because it tends to hurt my shoulders when I do. I learned to make it simple and carry just the essentials! 

First let's start with these! I carry my passport with me because I don't have a cute wallet to match my HK bag yet!

 I have another black bag that  I like to carry around when I am not wearing a color outfit. I usually dress in black, (95% of the time honestly, lol). I just switch bags depending on my outfits and literally all I have in my black bag is my wallet and phone. I thought that was too boring and just not even anything worth mentioning. 

I use my passport as a wallet because on the inside it has openings that I can easily put my money and ID inside. I also like to carry around notebooks and pencils, because my car never has paper and when I really need to write something down or take a note I can easily just grab this from my bag.

Everything from eBay except the notebook, which I got from Target! 

Moving on, these are the only beauty essentials I carry around. I tend to not worry about my face during the day when I'm outside besides occasionally blotting my face for oil. I like to bring my Tony Moly petite bunny gloss bar and my MAC lipstick in Velvet Teddy. The pink one is for when I want to have some color in my lips but don't have time to be precise, I just dab some of this on as a lip tint and I'm ready to go. The MAC is more of an overall lip color when I want fuller natural looking lips.

I also have some of these cute floral hair ties because my hair tend to get in the way when I'm driving and since it's almost summer,I want my hair off my neck to prevent myself from getting sweaty and gross!! The heart pink is just in my purse...idk why. Lol

The Sailor Moon locket, is just the case for my really adorable earphones which I got on ebay! 

Here I have my peach hand cream! I did a review on this, you can read it here! I love this thing!! It makes my hands soo smooth! I like to have this because, I don't know why but I just love moisturizing my hands? haha Plus, the packaging is also to die for. It's so cute. Lastly, I also carry my car keys and my iPhone! I'm selling that bunny plush on my depop! If you do not know what depop is, it's an app that you download in your apple store. It's like  an storenvy but on your phone and easier to generate. Does that make sense? My username is @ricehime if you'd like to check it out!

That's it for this post! Thank you so much for reading!
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I hope you had a wonderful day today!!


  1. How cute it it possible to get? Your purse is adorable and I want that mac lipstick so bad, the color is besutiful!♡ In love with all your blog posts!


  2. I love the pens and bunny plush *^* I was thinking about getting the Sailor moon pens but I just cant decide if I really want to pay that much for them >n<
    You have such a cute purse too ;;;

  3. the sailor moon locket *O* /grabby hands/ everything in your purse is on point so kawaiiii