Everyday Makeup products!

Since some of you have been asking me to make a post about my everyday makeup products, I took some pictures of the products I use everyday! Honestly I don't use a lot of makeup because I really hate that cakey heavy face makeup. Even the stuff I barely use feels heavy to me! This is nothing special but I hope you enjoy! (: 

I know after this post some of you will ask for a makeup tutorial and I've been meaning to make one. I will try to make one soon, I promise!!

Let's start off with the base. I use the mineralize Mac foundation. I just bought a new one yesterday because I just finished the other bottle! My color is NC25 if you guys were wondering. I don't use a primer, I usually moisturize my face first before I put on my foundation though.

Next to my eyes, I don't exactly use eye shadows, but when I do I use the brown in this palette to buff it into my crease. You can find my review on this palette here. I love love this palette. 

I also use the lightest pink shadow to high light my brow bone, sometimes the white shade, but mostly the pink because I love how natural it shines. For high lighting my cheek bones and nose I use the Buff'd shadow in pearl shy because I am testing it out for them and I have to say it's really really amazing! The pigmentation is great. A small amount goes a long way. Their product is all in powder, which makes them very natural looking, it's similar to Bare Minerals, but these are more affordable for your pocket. As for contour I use the brown shade. It gives this really nice bronze look. I think these are worth the price. I would love to have them in their full containers.

Now this part is my favorite and probably yours too! For my amazing on fleek brows, lol jk, I use the Anastasia drip brow promade! It's amazing! I need to buy their brow wiz honestly. Anastasia, sponsor me. Lol jk but no really I love their stuff. They make my brows look so amazing and incredibly natural.

 I use Mac's blush in the shade Mocha for my cheeks. I use a very light hand on this blush because it can be very dark. I'm out of it, but I use the too faced lashgasm mascara. I need to go buy a new one. It makes my lashes really long, they're especially great for bottom lashes.

As for the primer, I use the Urban Decay primer potion. Now this one is not the regular purple potion you see all the time. I bought this one with a glittery tint because I thought it would be nice to just use as a base shadow as well. That way I don't have a lot going on in my eyes. I love love makeup but for an everyday look, I use less as possible.

My friend Amber just gave me this eyeliner not too long ago because I've been wanting to try it out, it's the Kat Von D tattoo liner. It's AMAZING. The pen is actually a bristle and not the sponge applicator most of these eyeliner pen has. The ink is very dark and it glides very smoothly. Holy grail. Must have.

Lastly for my lips, first I use the pro longwear lip liner in staunchly stylish, then I apply the matte lipstick in the shade Velvet teddy. Really enjoy this shade right now.

Here are all the brushes I use. Foundation, contour, blush, and another contour brush that I use on my nose. These brushes are from pixiwoo! Can be found in almost every drug store.

That's it! That's all I use. I'm sorry it isn't that interesting! I don't use much everyday, if you want I can make another post for a heavier look. I know you want a tutorial, and I will try my best to make it happen as soon as possible.

Here is a picture of my everyday makeup, minus the falsies. Lol this picture is from my last circle lens review.

Sorry for shitty phone quality.

I hope you had a lovely day!! Thank you so much for reading!
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I hope you had a wonderful day today!!


  1. I really need a new foundation, mine is almost empty and they don't sell that foundation anymore~ I really want to try one from mac, but I don't know how it'd be on me, what kind of skin type du you have?
    This post is really nice!♡ I have been thinking about writing one like this myself~


  2. It looks so pretty the eyeshadows!! I'm in the market for an eyeshadow palette because I'm starting to use them LOL
    Jessie @ bijou-heart

  3. your eyebrows are perf OTL i haven't tried out the pomade yet because it's quite pricey but i heard it lasts a long time, so it must be worth it... soooooon~