Kaoru Hasegawa Artworks

Hello cuties, today I will be doing something a little different! I want to talk about these post cards that I bought from the talented Kaoru Hasegawa! I think they are so amazing that I had to do a tiny haul on them! c:

The post cards came in these plastic bags that was taped by a little red tape with polka dots! They were nicely packaged, even the envelope that they were mailed in is cute!

I got this one because the eggs and toasts really stood out to me. I love them so I just had to get it. I love everything about it. If I had a blue wig I would cosplay her and do the same post. Lol I would have the eggs and toast but I don't know how to make them float...lol  Anyways..the pins that she has are really nice. They look very high quality and they are a nice decent size.

The next one I got is this one because it reminds me a lot of myself. Especially the hair. I think it's really cute and the expression is really cold, which I really like. Lol 

The last pack I got are these four post cards. I think Kaoru's art is just really unique. I love the almost expressionless they have on their face. The colors are really nice and pastel! I especially like the egg one! I wanted a pin for that one too but I didn't see it on her store so I'd assume it's sold out :c

These items were kindly sent to me as a gift which I thought was very nice of her!

I really do recommend you checking out her store for you love her work. She is very talented and I honestly love every piece. I love her color scheme and her style a lot. I actually wouldn't give these away even though they are post cards. I want to hang them on my wall because they are so beautiful.

Her social medias: Tumblr ♡ Twitter ♡ Instagram ♡ Store

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