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I will be reviewing these two lovely chokers from Alienmoe! If you don't know them, they're a storenvy shop that sells harness and now chokers!! :D

I'm getting so many of these pouches! They're so cute! If you all don't know yet, I love when stores know how to pack their items. Cute packaging makes me happy because I know the owner cares about their customer and what we think. I feel like they're really lazy and careless if they don't pack it in nice stuff like this. It doesn't have to be fancy, it just needs to look presentable.

The two chokers I chose are the nekonya and the furry pompom!

Let's talk about these first! It fits 30-36 cm (11-14 inch) neck. The choker is very well made and I find it sooooo easy to put it on and take it off with the clips she had with it. I tend to have a hard time putting on chokers because the thing is too small so I tend to ask my hubby to put them on for me, but for these I can do it myself which is really nice because I don't want to bother my hubby. The pom pom is very very soft and I love how it has some long fur with it so it's all different lengths.

The choker fits my neck very nicely. She also added extended chains for them so if you're neck is slightly bigger you can adjust it to fit! The pompom is very securely glued to the ring. It didn't feel like it would ever fall off, unless you yank at it of course. Lol

Now onto this lovely white choker! Unlike the other one this choker is slightly thinner, they are both made out of velvet though! Michelle also has this choker in a thicker version and also without the bell if you don't like the jingle! lol I really like this choker! I love anything that has bows on them to be honest. I also like how big the bell is! It makes me feel like a kitty. It's super cute. I also didn't have a hard time putting this on as well! 

I love both the chokers, I think they were very well made and it only took a little over a week to get here! Michelle is really really sweet and I really do recommend you checking out her shop because she has so many new cute chokers and harnesses! Her stuff are all really unique and I would love to get more! If you have any questions you can definitely ask her, she will reply!

Thank you so much for reading my short review! I really recommend you check out her shop! She has many other unique harnesses!

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Have a wonderful day and HAPPY SHOPPING everyone!

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