Review: Vxxxvy (photo heavy)

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Today I have a short review for you guys from the lovely storenvy store Vxxxvy. Make sure to check her store out afterwards!

 Let's get started!

The package was nicely wrapped in this Christmas theme wrapping paper! I thought that was really sweet and nice.
I love Christmas so this made me really happy how she put thoughts into making the package look nice!
The choker was nicely placed in this blue organza pouch and I really really like it when people these kind of stuff for their customers! It means they care what we think about their packages!

I really like this choker! It makes me feel like a babydoll! I love the bow and the big bell! I also like the gold and pink combination! The choker is made out of velvet and it's super soft. I think the choker was very well made and I didn't have any problems with the collar. It wasn't damaged or easily broken when I tried to put it on. I got the choker in the size small but she has extended chains where you can adjust it to your liking :D She also taped the bottom of the bell so it wouldn't jingle when it's being delivered to you so make sure you take them off!

The second item I got from her is this cute soft and fluffy ring!! I thought it was so cute so I chose it! It's very secure and I think it's just a really cute and nice accessory for your outfit c:

I think the choker and ring are very very cute and I do recommend you to check out her store. The quality is really nice and it was very well made! She's such a sweet girl. You can ask her anything! The package was shipped on the 27th and it got here the 29th! That is incredibly fast, but then again Austria is pretty close to Denmark! Still I was very satisfied with the package! Thank you so much Denise for sponsoring me!

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Have a wonderful day and HAPPY SHOPPING everyone!

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