Review: Vxxxvy (photo heavy)

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Today I have a short review for you guys from the lovely storenvy store Vxxxvy. Make sure to check her store out afterwards!

 Let's get started!

The package was nicely wrapped in this Christmas theme wrapping paper! I thought that was really sweet and nice.
I love Christmas so this made me really happy how she put thoughts into making the package look nice!
The choker was nicely placed in this blue organza pouch and I really really like it when people these kind of stuff for their customers! It means they care what we think about their packages!

I really like this choker! It makes me feel like a babydoll! I love the bow and the big bell! I also like the gold and pink combination! The choker is made out of velvet and it's super soft. I think the choker was very well made and I didn't have any problems with the collar. It wasn't damaged or easily broken when I tried to put it on. I got the choker in the size small but she has extended chains where you can adjust it to your liking :D She also taped the bottom of the bell so it wouldn't jingle when it's being delivered to you so make sure you take them off!

The second item I got from her is this cute soft and fluffy ring!! I thought it was so cute so I chose it! It's very secure and I think it's just a really cute and nice accessory for your outfit c:

I think the choker and ring are very very cute and I do recommend you to check out her store. The quality is really nice and it was very well made! She's such a sweet girl. You can ask her anything! The package was shipped on the 27th and it got here the 29th! That is incredibly fast, but then again Austria is pretty close to Denmark! Still I was very satisfied with the package! Thank you so much Denise for sponsoring me!

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Have a wonderful day and HAPPY SHOPPING everyone!

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Review: Happy Monday

Hey cuties I have another review from the amazing shop Happy Monday! If you don't know who they are they're basically like O-mighty but way cheaper and affordable and I absolutely adore their shop!!


Size: One size 
UK 4- 12 // US 0 - 8
Bust: 90 cm 
Length: 36 cm 
Armpit: 30 cm 
100% polyester 
Front Printed Only 
Machine wash 


The fitting was perfect on me, it's a one size top. Maybe I would prefer it just a little bit longer but other than that it's perfect.

The material is polyester and it's those really smooth and soft kind. I like it. It's kind of stretchy which is good because it's a pullover. It was very nicely sewn and there are no loose threads. The print on the shirt is printed on by ink. I haven't washed it so I'm not sure if it'll fade, if it does I'll update this review (:

I love love the design. I really like peter pan collars so of course I would choose this one. The puff on the sleeves is a really adorable touch to it. I also like how sassy the top is lol. 

I got this package a little late, I'm not exactly sure when they shipped it but it came to be in 3 weeks I think. Happy Monday service are great. I have no problem communicating with them and they are super super nice!! I love all their products and they are really affordable!! 

Thank you so much Happy Monday for sponsoring me! I really do recommend you to just check out their site and fall in love with it. Lol

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Have a wonderful day and HAPPY SHOPPING everyone!

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Review: Dani's Choice

Hello cuties! I hope you have an amazing Halloween! Did you trick or treat or dressed up this year? If you posted your look on IG, you should definitely tag me @ricehime so I can comment and like it!! Today I have a review for the lovely store called Dani'sChoice! They offers really cute women's clothes; like dresses, bottoms, tops, shoes, accessories, etc. I have to say honestly when I first saw this site, I fell in love. Their style is exactly what I love. I especially love their bottoms section. Their style is very casual but very cute and girly. Okay, let's just get started on the review!

I hope you don't mind but this will be a very photo heavy review!

So I got the package like this, it was in a black plastic bag!

I really like how they were very careful with their packaging, they bubbled wrapped it with a cute sticker that says, "specially for you." I thought that was very cute and you can tell they personally wrapped it.

They gave me two extra gift in the package, which I thought was so sweet and nice of them! Thank you so much Dani! 

One of the item she gifted me are these cute snow white socks! I love them! They're so cute!! They have so many cute character socks actually, omg...

- Included: snowwhite 1 pair of socks
- Material: 75% Cotton, 17% Nylon, 6% Polyester, 2% Spandex
- Size: One size
(It fits great to foot length from 23cm to 25cm.)

- Socks for women and girls
- Ankle high socks
- Made from a lightweight knit
- Cute cartoon character design
- Made in Korea
- Machine washable

The design is adorable and I love them so much. They are really warm and thick. Really comfortable and I think it's something I would rather wear at home when I'm chilling because it's so cute and it would suck to wear it out and have the design covered up. You can definitely wear it out though, the yellow fringe would definitely look cute on ankle boots! Dani have so many character socks, they're all so adorable and I wish I had them all. The quality is super nice, it's soft and thick. I really like these.

The second pair she gifted to me are these cute pink polka dots socks!

Included: 1 pair of socks
Ankle socks for women and teen girls
Made with stretchy cotton fabric
One size(Great from feet length 23cm to 26cm)
Machine washable
Made in Korea

I really love the fringe/frills on these socks, it's very vintage and I love vintage pieces.

I think these are so cute and i can definitely see myself wearing this with a very cute dress with ankle boots or platforms. Like I said I really like the frills on these. They are super comfortable, they're a little thinner than the snow white socks but still very warm. The material is soft and nice. They also have these in white with purple polka dots and beige with brown polka dots. I think it's nice that she knows I like pink c: Lol

The last pair of socks are these cute white frilly socks! I've actually had a pair similar to this but sadly before I could wear them, I lost one of them and it made me really sad! So I thought this would be really nice to have! I love frilly socks! I think they are super cute with ankle boots and platforms.

I really really love the varieties of socks they have, they're all so cute. I really wish I can have all of them. Especially their character socks!

Included: 1 pair of socks
Included in 3 Pairs Set: 3 pairs of socks(White, Pink, Black)
Size: One size(Great from feet length 23cm to 26cm)
Light-weigh knit fabric with high stretch
Made in Korea
Hand wash

I really like this pair as well, I've been wanting to replace the one I had. They were brand new but sadly, like I said, I lost one of them. These are a very nice replace. I love the lace frills and how comfortable and warm these were. They looked so big when I first got them but it fitted so nicely. Lol

The last item I got is this cute school girl vibe pleated hem mini skirt.

Pleated mini skirt with striped hem
Side hidden zipper 
Mini length 
Made in Korea 
Hand wash or Dry clean 

Measurement taken with the skirt laying flat
S(24~26 inches) Waist: 34cm*2 Length: 34cm 
M(26~28 inches) Waist: 36cm*2 Length: 34cm 
L(28~30 inches) Waist: 38cm*2 Length: 36cm 
XL(30~32 inches) Waist: 40cm*2 Length: 36cm 

Overall Opinion:

The design is very cute. I think this skirt can pull off a lot of costume looks, such as a marine girl, school girl, or even a cheerleader. To be it pass as a school girl look more. I really like it. Of course, you can definitely wear this out as a daily look. You can definitely wear it with a cute cropped top, a cardigan, and some white knee high socks or ankle socks like I did in the above photo it would look very cute. 

I got this skirt in a small and it fits very nicely on my waist. I actually would of liked it if I could wear it above my belly button but that's okay. The fitting is very nice. It is a mini skirt, so if you are tall you might want to wear tights under them (:

The quality is super nice, there weren't any loose threads and the material felt very soft and smooth. I also like that they had a second layer under the skirt!

I think Dani's choice offers a lot of cute items and I really like their style. Dani was super cool and nice to me. Replied to my messages fast and answered my questions. The package was shipped on October 21st and it arrived on the 29th which is really fast considering they are based in South Korea! I thought it would of taken about 2 weeks like my other packages. I really recommend them if you are into simple casual but cute style. I think they have really nice things. I am very satisfied with their services and the quality of their items.

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Have a wonderful day and HAPPY SHOPPING everyone.

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