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Hey hey girls! Today I got a makeup review for you guys!! Please excuse the sloppy because I'm not very good with makeup .-. I suck...okay. Lol Let's get started!!

I have always loved Bornpretty! They sell so many awesome things, from makeup, accessories, nail art, contacts, stationary, toys, phone cases, etc. A lot of options for a really good price! 

Today I will be reviewing an eye shadow palette and a concealer stick. Let's start with the palette. This palette is so so so pretty! They are so sparkly and guess what? It's waterproof. The glitter might look a bit intimidating but it's actually really gorgeous on the eyes! It really sucks cause my camera couldn't catch the glitters in the pictures, because in person it's really gorgeous and I was extremely happy with how my makeup turned out. The camera faded the colors but trust me, I felt so pretty. My makeup was very on point.

This is how the packaging looks like, the wrapped the products in a foam(?) wrap and it was very safe and secured from delivery process. 

You won't believe me until you try it. You will love this palette. The shadows are so pigmented and it stayed on very well! There weren't a lot of fall outs and I just really love it. 

I really recommend this palette, the colors are very neutral and you can totally wear this out without looking too much! It gives you a very settled but glam look! 

The pigment is great! The color looks so pretty. This is great for traveling, they're all neutral and you have all shades of brown. A light champagne as a highlighter in your inner tear duct, dark brown to contour and your outer v. Ugh it's perfect. The shadows are so soft. The glitter can be intimidating at first, I was actually afraid too but it's very settled hint of glitter and it just really makes you eye pop. This palette was very satisfying. It's only $7.30 for 5 colors! You even have an option with which palette you want, with each one you can create so many different looks! I really do recommend this palette because I personally LOVE it.

The second thing I'll be reviewing is a concealer stick! I forgot to take detailed pictures of it but you can definitely scroll up to see it!

I'm not so sure if I like this concealer much! The finish is very matte and I personally don't like that because I have a very dry face and I need products that can hydrate my face and give me a dewy finish. If you have oily skin then this concealer is great! The product doesn't really do it's job when you put it on first and then foundation, but I think it's quite okay if you add it on top of your foundation for extra coverage. I usually apply my concealer on after I add foundation but just had to put that out there. The great thing about this product is, it's very easy to blend and the it's very soft! Also with this concealer you kind of have to really layer it because the first layer is very sheer. This concealer is also great for discoloring your lips and as a highlighter! 

I love Bornprettystore! They have so much variety of products! They even sell apparel! Their price is amazing and the quality is also great! The package got here in two weeks from the time it was ordered.  I really recommend this shop if you have not bought from them! They are super sweet and our communication was great! 

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Have a wonderful day and HAPPY SHOPPING everyone.

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