Review: Alienmoe

Hello cuties! Another review for you guys today! Lol this review is very very late because I was waiting for a harness to arrive so I can wear it together with this piece but it's taking a long long time due to difficulty with delivery but oh well! I really need to get this done because I've been holding it off for way too long!!

I will be reviewing this beautiful harness that was sponored to me by the lovely Michelle. She is the owner of Alienmoe! Her shop as soo many nice harnesses! I wish I can get more, but in white this time!

SMALL[(Bust: 33" - 35" (84-89 cm)] 
MEDIUM [(Bust:35.5" -37.5" (90-95 cm)] 
LARGE [(Bust:38" - 40" (96-101 cm)]

The one I got is called Black C.C Harness! This is what the harness looks like. At first when I saw it I thought it was going to be hard to pull over my head and it might be really tight! Lol but actually the elastic are very very stretchy and you can easily pull it over your head.

The quality of the harness is very nice, the elastic has this silky sheen to it. It looks very nice.

This huge elastic one is also very stretchy but when you wear it, it fits very nicely tight around your waist and it also kind of lifts your boobs in a way! lol

This is what the back looks like, it's just one long elastic band!

I think the fitting is very nice. I told her my waist is a 32. She got it perfectly made to fit me. You just have to tell her your bra size and she'll get the measurements correctly. It's not too loose or too tight. Sometimes harness can be too tight and it's not good for you because it can stop your blood from flowing smoothly, so this harness is perfect.

Michelle has so many designs and I really didn't know which one to pick, but I decided to get this one cause I like how it criscrosses over my chest and it just looks really unique. You should definitely follow her on instagram, she post a lot of her work on there. Even ones she doesn't have on her shop yet. They are all really unique and pretty.

The quality like I said is very nice. The elastic is very stretchy and it doesn't feel like the rings will snap or anything. The elastic are silky and they feel really soft. The elastic from the waist band is obviously different from the chest area, it's not as shiny and it's less stretchy but it's very thick.

Michelle is a very sweet sweet girl! She was so nice to me, she let me hold off the review until I got my other package but it really sucked it didn't get here on time, I don't want to keep her waiting so I decided to just make the review! Her service is very fast, when she told me she was going to send it to the time it got here it was almost 2 weeks but not quite, that's pretty fast considering she lives in Austria! She's very nice so you can ask her anything!

Thank you so much for reading my short review! I really recommend you check out her shop! She has many other unique harnesses!

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