Review: Happy Monday

Hello everyone! Today I have two really cute crop tops to review for you guys! They were sponsored to me by a really cool shop called Happy Monday! Let's get started! 

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Cotton 90% 
Nylon 10 % 
Bust 86cm 
Length 35cm 
Machine wash cold with like colors. 
Hang to dry. 
Made in Thailand 
Size : One Size

Note that not all shirts will looks the same for this item since this is hand made so the dye will be different, but other than that it should be the same. This crop crop only comes in one size, I think it can only be fitted as a small though. You can probably email them to get custom size done, I'm not too sure but you should always ask! 

I think this top fits really well for my size. It wasn't too tight around the armpit and I can easily pull it over. I think it is a little too short for my liking though, cause when I raise my arm up, it goes all the way up to under my boobs. Other than that the fitting is perfect on me.

I really like the design, especially the pink collar! I love collared shirts so this is adorable! I don't like the color combo though, but that's just my taste! I think I would love it even more if it was pastel pink, purple, and blue, but that's okay!

The quality is great! There are no loose threads and the stitches are sewn very nicely. The fabric is a bit thin but that's fine to me. It feels really soft and very light weight.

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This top is actually on sale right now on their site so you should hurry before it's over!

Size : One Size 
US 8-14 
Bust : 86 cm 
Length : 48 cm 
Color : White 
100% Soft Cotton 
Front Printed Only 
Hand-wash to protect the color

I really like this top! 

The top fits me so perfect! I love how perfectly loose it was on me! It is one size, but again I think this top can only fit as a small, but please do email them and ask if they accept custom sized tops!

The design is super cute! I actually want a top similar to this except the one I want as anime eyes all over and it's a halter top! Either way I think this is adorable! From the cutting and the way they shaped the top is adorable! I love how the eyes are kind of shifted and it gives you this kind of holographic touch! I'm not sure if I'm even explaining that correctly but I will show an image below of what I mean! lol

The quality is very nice, this top is also quite thin and light weight but it doesn't see through surprisingly. Although, I was wearing a beige bra so it might see through if you wear a dark colored bra. Lol

I love this store! The quality of their stuff are really nice and the designs are all so cute. They reply to all my messages and inquiry really fast! They're also really nice and sweet! I got my package in about 2 weeks because they are located in Bangkok! 

Disclaimer! I am having a giveaway on my instagram right now and the prize is one of their crop tops but please keep in mind, they are NOT sponsoring the giveaway! I will be buying the top with my own money! I didn't ask them or tell them I am hosting the giveaway! It's on me as a thank you gift for supporting me! 

I also have another top to review from them in about 2 weeks!! 
That's it for now! Thank you so much for reading this short review! 

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Have a wonderful day and HAPPY SHOPPING everyone!


  1. WOW, how lovely you are! I love Crop top, but not this type. I usually wear Crop Tops like this, i would like to try yours