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Brave Store Kitty Phone Case

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Hello cuties! Today I will be reviewing a really cute pink kitty phone case from the really cute Brave store!

This lovely case also comes in White, Mint Green, and Black! I decided to choose pink because, well I really enjoy this color! Although I really love the other colors too! 

I really like this case! I think the design is super cute! The case is a bit chunky for my taste though, since I really like having my phone thin and light weight!

I think this case offers a lot of protection of how big it is and also the grids inside helps it bounce if you were to drop your phone somehow! It doesn't automatically hit the phone!

The case is incredibly soft and it is made out of silicone rubber! It's so smooth and you can easily wipe off dirt!

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The fitting of the case is perfect! I've bought a lot of phone cases that were loose and omg it was terrible. My phone would slip out so easily that it didn't even make a difference whether I had protection on it or not. 

I think the kitty's face is soooo cute! They even have ears and whiskers on them! I love using the case to cover my face while taking selfies cause then I'd look like a cat! hahaha I really think this is a very simple unique case! 

The quality is great! It's really soft and smooth and there isn't any tear or signs of it being poorly made! It looks brand new and I love the feel of it! There are no rips or scratches on the case, I think it's a really nice quality.

I love this case! i am currently using it right now! It is kind of chunky and it feels really big on my hands and at first I had a hard time adjusting to such a big case but I think it's still super cute and I love the fact that it really protects my phone and it's not so thin that it can rip or tear!

Thank you so much for reading this really short review!
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  1. I love brave store! They always carry the cutest items <3 The phone case is too adorable!
    Bijou Heart