Things I learned in High School

Hello my lovely followers! Today I thought it would be a good idea to talk about this subject with you guys since school is starting again soon. I know that majority of you guys are still really young and figuring things out and you're having a hard time. Some of you are just starting high school and some are already in high school and is still lost. I am here to tell you what I've learn and my experiences. 

  1. Popularity won't get you far in life. Yes, you don't need to be popular and cool to fit in. All you need to do and be is yourself. You want people to like you for who you are. If you're pretending to be someone else just so people would like you and think you're cool, you're still going to feel alone. Why, because you won't have anything in common with them. You won't know anything about what they are talking about. I know so many kids that tried to be cool by being stupid in class just so people would think they're funny. Honestly, people don't think you're cool, they're laughing because you're being stupid. Also, a lot of you think winning things like, prom queen or homecoming queen would make you popular, but what does winning that prize get you in life, a fake crown? Yeah, it's not worth it. Don't aim for it. Be yourself, and if you get "popular" by being yourself, you are doing it right. 
  2. Join a club. If you're just starting high school and you think it'll be really hard for you to make friends because you are shy. Joining clubs can make a difference. When you're in a club, it lets you interact with your club mates and can really help you talk more and be able to get comfortable around people. Plus, joining clubs gets you credit and can help you in the future. Sports can also be a great alternative. Being on a team really helps you click with someone, because one you guys love the same sport, two you guys are most likely going to see each other every day for practice and games. It can help you get close to someone and be good friends. I know some people might think, you don't need friends, you need yourself. Honestly I use to think that way when I was in high school too but if you really think about it, having good relationship with people can really help you in the future because you have connections. Does that make sense? 
  3. Slacking off is not cool. I am actually guilty of this. It's not worth it. You will be stuck going to summer classes every year and you will hate it. If you hate regular classes, you will not like summer class. While everyone is having fun on vacation you're stuck at home doing packages to make up the credits you failed to get during the school year. You'll have 8 or 9 periods instead of 7. You'll have extra curricular classes instead of electives and that would make you hate yourself.  Do you know what makes you cool? Going to school and getting good grades. Walking on your graduation makes you very cool.  My advice to you is graduate high school and you can do whatever you want afterwards. You don't have to go to college if you don't want to, even though I do recommend it. Having a HS diploma just gives you at least an opportunity, a chance to go to college whenever you want to or feel like it. It's better than failing HS and being stuck working at Micky Dee's all your life. You won't get a chance for anything but working at fast food places. I know high school can be hard sometimes, but honestly if you actually try and pay attention in class and just do your homework, you will pass the class. Slacking off doesn't effect anyone but you. Don't be stupid like me. You will regret it. Trust me
  4. Wear whatever the heck you want. Don't try to be "normal" just because people think your style is weird or uncool. Your style is a part of you, it's who you are and you should not change it just because people don't like it. Don't mind what people say about you, it just tells you what kind of person they are, judgmental and closed minded. The ones that usually talks badly about you are jealous they aren't confident enough to wear what they want. They wear what the magazines thinks are in. Unoriginal. 
  5. Don't let what people say affect you. This will really really really help you in life. Not just in school but in the future. I know it's easier said than done, but honestly just mute out all the unwanted opinions. Stop caring about what people say and do you. It's your life, your future, you do what you want to get to where you want to be. For example your parents are a very big impact when it comes to your career. They will always have an opinion. I know how this feels. My parents has always judged me for what I wanted to do. They want me to be a doctor, a lawyer, or anything along the lines. Please please don't listen to them. Do what you want to do because you enjoy it, because you love what they offer you. Your career shouldn't just be a job, but something you truly love enough to want to do everyday instead of a burden and makes you tired or bored. Focus on what you want. 
  6. Lastly, enjoy high school. Yes, I know high school can be really tiring and hard but honestly try your best to enjoy it. Having good company and good friends in high school can really help you get through it. Make high school a good memory because to tell you the truth I really miss high school. I feel like I didn't enjoy it while I can. I miss my friends, I miss my teachers. Make as much memories with them as you can. You need to focus on your studies but you also need to relax sometimes and not push yourself way too hard. Join all the activities your school have. High school can be your most memorable years of your life if you make it memorable. It is four years, it may look long but it goes by so fast, so enjoy it and have as much fun as you can.
I really hope this help you think differently or helped you in some way! Thank you so much for reading! Have a wonderful day and I hope your school year will be a very enjoyable one.

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Review: Brave Store

Brave Store Kitty Phone Case

Use "amaitohiko" for 10% off

Hello cuties! Today I will be reviewing a really cute pink kitty phone case from the really cute Brave store!

This lovely case also comes in White, Mint Green, and Black! I decided to choose pink because, well I really enjoy this color! Although I really love the other colors too! 

I really like this case! I think the design is super cute! The case is a bit chunky for my taste though, since I really like having my phone thin and light weight!

I think this case offers a lot of protection of how big it is and also the grids inside helps it bounce if you were to drop your phone somehow! It doesn't automatically hit the phone!

The case is incredibly soft and it is made out of silicone rubber! It's so smooth and you can easily wipe off dirt!

image   imageimageimageimageimage
The fitting of the case is perfect! I've bought a lot of phone cases that were loose and omg it was terrible. My phone would slip out so easily that it didn't even make a difference whether I had protection on it or not. 

I think the kitty's face is soooo cute! They even have ears and whiskers on them! I love using the case to cover my face while taking selfies cause then I'd look like a cat! hahaha I really think this is a very simple unique case! 

The quality is great! It's really soft and smooth and there isn't any tear or signs of it being poorly made! It looks brand new and I love the feel of it! There are no rips or scratches on the case, I think it's a really nice quality.

I love this case! i am currently using it right now! It is kind of chunky and it feels really big on my hands and at first I had a hard time adjusting to such a big case but I think it's still super cute and I love the fact that it really protects my phone and it's not so thin that it can rip or tear!

Thank you so much for reading this really short review!
My last review from Brave Store can be found here.
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