Review: LookbookStore (prt 2)

Hello my lovelies! It's me again with another review from Lookbookstore! Today I will be reviewing this really cute pink kimono! Let's start!
  • Material: Polyester
  • Color: Dark Pink
  • Size: AU 6-12 / US 2-8 / UK 6-12 / EU 34-40
I have always wanted a kimono but I was kind of picky with these and I didn't see any that I like until I found this one!!! It's pink and it has daisies all around it! How cute is that?! 
(excuse my sock on the floor, lol)

I chose this kimono in their biggest EU size, which is an 40 because I wanted it to be really big and loose on me! I mean even if I got the other size I'm sure it would still be big because it was made that way, but I still chose it anyway!

This is how the arms look like, it's so big! The material is also polyester and it's super thin and flowy.  I absolutely love the feel of it!


image  imageimageimageimageimage
Kimonos are meant to be really loose on you so their is really no bad or good fitting for this! It just depends how loose you want it to be, and I wanted mine to be really big so I got EU size 40 and it was huge! Hahaha I really like it, It covers all the way to my butt and it's just very comfortable and nice!
image  imageimageimageimageimage
I think the design is very simple and very cute! I love the shade of pink it has and I really really enjoy the daisies they added on to the kimono! It's plain but really adorable!
image  imageimageimageimageimage
The quality on this item is like the other item I got from them, it is awesome! I think it's even better than ForeverXXI. Hahaha
image   imageimageimageimageimage
I really love this piece and I am so glad to add another colored item to my closet! The pink is very vibrant and it's such a beautiful shade! The daisies also fits in with spring and summer season! It's nice to wear this on a lazy day to run errands or even have some coffee with a friend!

Thank you so much for reading my review!


Visit their site, they sell really quality stuff for a decent price and their shipping is also amazing! 

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