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Hello cuties! Today I have a really cute review for you guys! This item was kindly given to me by the famous online store called Lookbookstore! They offer free shipping worldwide, how cool is that?! Also, their shipping is crazy fast!! I got these items within 3-4 days from the shipped date! Let's get started on the review!
  • Material: Polyester
  • Color: White
  • Size: AU 6-12 / US 2-8 / UK 6-12 / EU 34-40
I chose this dress in the size 2US! When I first got it I thought it would not fit me because the top looked really big...image but when I tried it on, luckily my boobs are big and it fitted the chest area perfectly. image This might be a problem for some of you if you have a small chest because size 2 is their smallest size. image 

I seriously love that this dress has a huge bow sewn to the front! It looks so cute and just adds some cuteness to the plain white dress.

This is how the back looks like and again, I love that the zipper lining can't be seen.

The dress has a soft sheer layer inside, making the dress more opaque and not so see through, which is good! 

The dress actually has cut outs where the ribs are but I didn't want to show too much skin so I wore a lace tube top under!image This dress goes just below my knees! I think it's only cause I'm short, it's suppose to be above the knee if you look at the model wearing it. Lol Sucks to be short!

Here is the back of the dress when worn! It is a tube top and it has a sticky lining on the inside like some tube tops has to keep it up and not fall down! I would've taken a picture but, you couldn't really see it when I took it D:

image  imageimageimageimageimage
The fitting was perfect! When you first look at it it looks like it's too big but it's actually not! I was so sad for a second cause the dress is super cute and it would suck a lot if it didn't fit me. Luckily, my chest is kind of big so it fitted the dress perfectly. I'm not sure if it will fit on girls with smaller chest? image
image  imageimageimageimageimage
I love love the design of this dress! The huge bow in front of it is super adorable and the cut out makes it look kind of edgy in a soft way! I absolutely love this dress! It's very flowy and soft!
image  imageimageimageimageimage
The quality is very pleasing! It is in great condition, no loose threads, it looks really nicely sewn together and the polyester is soft! The material is also thick and doesn't feel cheap..does that make sense? lol image
image   imageimageimageimageimage
Overall, I am in love with this dress. ahaha image It's super cute, I feel like this dress is more for special occasions because it looks quite fancy in my opinion! I incredibly adore this dress and I definitely think everyone should buy it if you have an event to go to!

Thank you so much for reading my really short review!


Definitely visit their site, they sell really quality stuff for a decent price and their shipping is also amazing! 
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  1. What an adorable dress!